Guest Post : An Afternoon at Borough Market (London, U.K)

Our guest blogger, Afroz Shaikh went along to Borough Market to explore the diversity of fresh food. Afroz is based in Gulf but belong to land of curries yes India. She is one of the few bloggers who cover everything from basics to the complicated. Easy to follow recipes that makes cooking so easy is how I would describe Afroz’s blog World café for U. For exotic recipes do visit her page and I am sure you will be in love with the amazing recipes and don’t forget to check – Ruby poached pistachio crusted pears served with custard my favorite!!

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This March we took a much awaited trip to Europe, our first stop was London, I was excited to visit all the tourists attractions, but was most excited to visit the historic Borough market, as this was on my to do list forever. I had read so much about this place that skipping it was out of question.

The market building was constructed in 1851, when I entered the market; I could feel there was so much history. My first impression was that it was full of arches and pillars; the effect was an ancient and majestic building. Though built in 1852 but this market came in existence much before that some say it is from 1211.

Borough market is situated near the London Bridge and Southwark Street; the iconic Shard is just across the street. So plan both the attractions on same day. Our first stop for the day was the Shard; from there we went to the market for lunch.

Being London’s biggest market, the crowds were very overwhelming when we entered the market but in no time we started enjoyed the hustle and bustle. If you are not a fan of extremely crowded spaces, this probably is not the place for you.

The market is open Wednesday to Sunday, for peaceful shopping experience it is better to go early weekday afternoons.

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When I visited I was hoping to bump into Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver as I had read that Borough market is their favorite place to shop, but I guess it was not my lucky day.

The market had an amazing array of cheeses, meats, bread, ethnic foods etc. The aroma of freshly baked bread was wafting through the whole market.

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The quality of the goods on offer was incredible.

We sampled cheese from a stall named Neil’s Yard. I was super impressed with the friendliness of the shop owners and staff, almost all the stalls there were some great free tasters, and portion sizes are substantial my favorite was the cheese and honey samples. You can get a plastic spoon and try all sorts of different honey flavors- we bought a small jar of lavender honey to take home!

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There are numerous international food stalls, from street food to gourmet. If you enjoy sandwiches like me, you should definitely try Italian sandwiches at Gastronomica, they were amazing!! There was this Malaysian food stall with never ending queue and the aroma of their curry was out if of this world.

I was thrilled to see desi stalls like Horn Ok Please and Gujarati Rasoi among other internationals food stalls.

What a wonderful experience, busy and lively. Wish I could have stayed there all day just eating from the different stalls. Really enjoyed it and how I wish I could visit again someday.

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