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Be My Guest

I would like to invite FOOD BLOGGERS following Paarulz Kitchen to be a GUEST POSTER on our website.

Yes! I am inviting you to share your passion about food, your blogging journey and awesome recipes!!

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet more of your FELLOW FOOD BLOGGERS and also get additional exposure for your own FOOD BLOG.

If you are not following Paarulz Kitchen at present, please go ahead. Follow us @ Paarulz Kitchen (Paarulz Kitchen) and then you can also to be a GUEST poster.

As you are well aware of the fact that ours is a food website, so anything focused on it is highly welcome and below are the few guidelines to get started  with-


  • The blog post should be focused only on FOOD like recipes, food stories, your food blogging journey, health and diet, gourmet travelling etc.
  • The blog post must be around 800 words, properly formatted without any typos, should be grammatically correct and SEO optimized.
  • Your post must have image – Maximum 2 images and make sure the image size are less than 60 KB.
  • All the copyrights pertaining to the content and images remains with the author.
  • The blog post should not at any point sounds like sales pitch. Links to your sister site, hidden or embedded links are strictly not allowed.
  • You are free to include one link to your own blog. (MAIN PAGE OR RELEVANT ARTICLE ONLY IN SECOND HALF)
  • As ours is a NON MONETIZE site (so far), so we cannot really pay you for the guest post.
  • Your post must be clear from any kind of racial, caste , creed , religion, language based offensive remarks in your content.
  • Paarulz Kitchen reserves the right, in its sole discretion to reject any of the post that seems inappropriate, unlawful, objectionable or offensive and violating the rules mentioned above.
  • Sharing is caring! I would highly appreciate if you share your post in your social media groups like face book, Google +, twitter, instagram. Do back link the post in your website.
  • Please be available to engage with my readers in the comments on your posts.

If you are interested, I will need the following information:

Your username / email address.

I will invite you and you will receive an invitation. Once you accept the invite, you will be able to send your contribution as a guest post in my blog. Within 7 days the post will be reviewed and set to be published.

If you have any questions about writing a post for my blog, please write them in comments section and I shall reply to you in a timely manner.

Looking forward to your contributions and shared recipes !

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