Guest Post – I did it !! Weight-loss success story by Kirti Yadav

kirti's mantra to stay fit!

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Today we have with us Kirti Yadav, co- founder at Plattershare – platform on social media to share food experiences and exotic recipes. I was glad when she accepted my request to be my guest @ Paarulz Kitchen and share her weight loss story.

Losing weight is the ultimate dream and goal of many today. Whether it’s to do with their beauty concerns or their sheer drive to embrace a healthy lifestyle, people try numerous ways and means to shed off those extra pounds. Eat right, and feel great is exactly what you need to know. So here is Kirti to show you her weight loss journey and what she did to shed weight the healthy way.

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Before I begin, a big disclaimer – this is my story of weight loss. The steps which I took may or may not work for you. This is a personal recount of my journey pre and post pregnancy and my thoughts/opinions are not meant to hurt anyone.

Congratulations! You are pregnant and happiness floats in the family. With the upcoming bundle of joy comes all the pampering and random types of illnesses which you would have never imagined in your life. My extra-cautious and over-joyous family started feeding me all that I craved for. The mid-night demands of an ice-cream meant a night marathon for my husband but it was fulfilled because the would-be mother needs to be happy and healthy. While I was enjoying all this pampering, I got high BP (which eventually led to pre-eclampsia) and then the “eat-this and not-this” syndrome started in my family.

My weight started soaring – one because of my medical condition and two because of my cravings. I was becoming a cute over-sized football and my husband would constantly pull my cheeks just as a reminder that for him my weight didn’t matter, but I hated it!

Due to a difficult pregnancy, there were a lot of medical complications and my yet-to-be-born daughter was in so much hurry to see the world that she decided to pop out in the 8th month itself – 6 weeks pre-term.  To add to the complications, she was born severely under-weight. Six months of sleepless nights followed and the hurricane ride of a new mommy exhausted me.

When I realized that my wardrobe was filled with more nightgowns than dresses and that none of the old dresses fit anymore, that was it! That was the turning point – I had to lose weight, get fit and healthier.

Next 6 months of walking and panting

I started with my 30-minute morning walk and it seemed as if I had been walking the whole day but I kept motivating myself without standing on the weighing scale. After 3 months I lost 1 kg – just one damn Kg, I am sure no one would be impressed by this achievement, but I was, at least the weighing scale moved …and in the direction that I wanted it to move.

I continued to walk for 30 minutes for the next 3 months and on my daughters first birthday, I was down to 65 Kg. This was my journey of self-motivation and losing weight from 72 Kg (post-pregnancy weight) to 65 kg. I dressed up and got a candid photographer to do the birthday shoot as he would click “better” pictures, making me look and feel good.

Next 1 year…. NOTHING happened 

With my daughter turning one, the expectation was that just running behind my daughter would make me shed those extra kilos automatically. I became lazy for my walks and (as expected) nothing happened. I felt like throwing away the weighing scale – “IT DOES NOT WORK”, I kept telling my husband. By the time my daughter turned 2, I could lose only 3 more kgs and the dreaded scale kept swaying from 60 -62 kg.

Even though I lost weight, I would get constant stomach aches, headaches, constipation, sinusitis and would generally feel exhausted. Something was missing. I had to find someone to guide me, someone with knowledge, someone who can cure all my dis-eases and help me get fit.

My search led me to Gauri Rokkam (Yoga therapist and nutritionist) and I told her about my (lack of) weight-loss story and all the problems which I had – each and every single one of them. The first thing she suggested was to change my diet – switch to a local, natural, healthy, plant-based diet.

I was put off dairy for 4 weeks (and now it is has become a lifestyle). Her program “Heal- thyself” helped me to lose an additional 7 kg in 2 months! And this was not because I starved or followed one of those protein-only/carb-only fad diets, but it was because I started eating right. With more Salads, veggies, and fruits in my meals – I started experiencing “HEALTH” after a long time.

Week 1 – I was asked to introduce a raw salad (without the fancy dressings) in every meal (including breakfast) so that I have more fiber in my meals. A simple 45-minute walk and yoga helped me a lot.

Week 2– Switch to one full raw meal. I started eating Raw fruit salads for breakfast and believe me now I love them so much that this has stuck.

Week 3 –  Added 45 minute of Yoga, followed a natural plant-based diet (Basically no animal products) with no processed/canned food. I started fasting on Ekadasi (Full-moon day fasting which was traditionally very important in India but its importance was lost as we “Progressed”)

Week 4 – Started once a week fasting, 2 full raw meals along with the regular Yoga and walk.

This simple 4-week program helped me lose weight and change my lifestyle for life.

It helped me to balance my work at my growing venture Plattershare and my personal life and health.

I became more calm and peaceful. With my daughter and Plattershare growing every day, I inevitably need to handle a new situation every morning and I am ready for it.

Eat right, Eat Local and eat natural and be close to nature with sufficient exercise is now my mantra for life. Hope my story inspires you and you find your mantra.

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