Mango Magic Contest- Cool Mango Tart

Mango Magic Contest Recipe – Cool Mango Tart by Swati Dave

Swati Dave entry

When there is nothing much to like about the summer season, but mangoes; here is something that i have for you all to cherish upon! This dish is all about loving mangoes in a new tarty way. This is a new way to think of the mango season with a crisp between the calcium set in mouth.

Preparation Time: 35 minutes

Marie biscuits: 10-15 biscuits
Molten butter: 150 grams
Red Food color: 5-6drops
Pudding mix (powder): Available in market
Gelatin powder: ½ Spoon
Milk: 500 ml
Mango pulp: 1 mango

Tart Making: –

  • Crush the biscuit pieces and mix it well with molten butter and food color
  • Press the above mix in a tart mold to shape your tart
  • Refrigerate the above mold for 10-15 minutes.

Pudding: –

  • Add pudding mix in 500ml of milk and stir it thoroughly so as to avoid unnecessary lumps.
  • Now add mango pulp and gelatin powder in the above mix. Thoroughly blend this mix.
  • Shift this mix in the tart and refrigerate it for 2-3 hours

PS: You can decorate it with fresh cream and fresh fruits as you like.

Serve it chilled.


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